Flashcard Queue Image Size and Qualilty

Just like the title says. Can the images on image occlusion flashcards be bigger without degrading quality? I am looking at X-ray and MRI films and the images are too small. I literally have to move my face closer to the screen to distinguish sctructures. Clicking to zoom in everytime kinda disrupts concentration and workflow. See below please. Thank you!

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@hannesfrank is there a CSS I can use to make it happen? I would greatly appreciate! Thanks

Not really, sorry. Occlusion images are kind of tricky. I can scale the image via Custom CSS, but unless you know the exact aspect ratio or dimension of all you images (they’d have to be the same too) the occlusion boxes that are rendered on top would be off.

I try my best to improve this before the 1.4 hits stable.

Note that at least you can now resize the queue by dragging it’s borders. Probably does not help with the images though. Make sure to remove all Queue size CSS before trying, if you still have any.

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Okay. I see what you mean with the occlusion boxes being off. Thanks for your help though on this.

Another request though. Martin mentioned there will be a keyboard shortcut for making image occlusions after clicking on the picture instead of clicking 3 times before getting to the image occlusion screen. Will this be available soon? Thank you! @hannesfrank

Kenneth Rivera

We have discussed Ctrl + Clicking an image to open the editor. Would that work too?

It’s a small change that should not take too long.

I will take it. I have to make 150 image occlusions if Xrays tonight :joy::joy::joy:

Anything that will make it faster would be awesome @hannesfrank


When will this take effect @hannesfrank? Also will this override the browser’s shortcuts for cntrl+click?

How about this?

@Browneyedsoul Thank you but not exactly sure what I am doing wrong. The picture is not getting larger just the window but bigger. see below

Then, Try to add this
zoom: 110%; (whatever size you want)
I guess you have 4k monitor so original image size is too small right?


Man that fixed it :100:… and the image occlusion boxes are not off at all.Thank you so much. I owe you a case of beer if you are ever in San Antonio lol

Also. They made it so that the window is resizable already so you don’t need the top part of this code. You can just drag the window to make it bigger :smiley:


Awesome @Browneyedsoul! I legit forgot about zoom :man_facepalming: I’m more of a transform guy and that does not work well in this case.


Wow, thanks for the feature to resize the queue by myself. Really appreciate it!!!

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Where can I copy this from?

Nevermind! I just added “zoom:110%” manually, and made it look like the screenshot. Thank you for this, it helped me too! Appreciated.

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