Flashcards - exclude documents (archive from Flashcard Queue

Is it possible to have folders that are not included if you want to review all cards - something in vain of archiving folders so you still have these folders available from a note-taking perspective but are not the ‘all cards queue’ ?

Is this the purpose of the ‘Finished’ document status?

Also what is the purpose or effect of ‘Untag as a Document’

No, use the Disable Descendant Cards powerup.

Removes the rem from the sidebar, makes any searches for it navigate to its closest parent document and scroll to the rem rather open the rem itself, makes it a regular parent when showing children rem in the queue rather than a breadcrumb. All of the above is inverted for tagging as a document, as you might imagine.

Thanks UMNIK appreciate that

I dont understand how to use this powerup.

It has since been renamed to “Disable Descendant Cards” and has to be applied (as all powerups now have to be) via the slash menu /ddc or the ombibar ctr+/ then ddc.