Generate chemicals drawings using SMILES on Remnote


Context: Simplified molecular-input line-entry system (SMILES) is a powerful text-based representation of molecules. It’s commonly used in computational chemistry. Here’s a JavaScript implementation .

Problem: we can’t draw or manipulate molecules on Remnote. The best we can currently do is to use images but Remnote can do better.

Solution: incorporate a SMILES syntax such the user inputs a SMILE string (between two special characters) and Remnote draws the molecule.

This would be a game changer to be honest. Remnote could solve so many problems for chemists just by including simple chemistry related formatting (e.g. chemical formulae and SMILES).

Thank you!

Can you please make a tutorial, or some sort of a manual about can I implement SMILES to Remnote?
I’ve been trying for hours, and still got nothing.

Thank you for your efforts and making Remnote even more usefull to us. I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Currently, mhchem is used.

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Hi, thanks for your answer.
I’m familiar with the LaTeX option to make chemical equation, and that’s not what the plugin does.
SMILES can print a molecular structure based on a single line character input.
You can see some examples on the link the OP added.
Let’s say you want the structure of the molecule chlorocyclopentane:
then you type down
and its structure will appear.

IMHO I don’t think this is a fair request for the RemNote devs because a zillion add-ons would be needed to make everyone working in every single field happy. I’d like to be able to do commutative diagrams, but I recognize that it’s a niche thing, so I do them elsewhere in a webapp and paste in an image with a link back to the webapp implementation in case I need to edit. This is a pretty reasonable workaround and I’m sure something similar is doable for SMILES.

However, I would like to have the Unicode arrow symbols back, please. That’s not a niche thing.

Whether a feature is a niche or not is relative. And this is not the only element to consider. The difficulty and time to implement it is also to be taken into account.

Giving the possibility to millions of chemists in the world to use SMILES in parallel to a powerful note taking tool like remnote could literally change people’s lives in my opinion.

Moreover, there are already implementations in Javascript, which could make the implementation even easier.