Getting Started Questions

I am giving remnote a try to see if it is something that will fit my needs.

1 - Under the - Interactive Tour / Link your ideas - beneath the YT video line - “1. Click “continue” to import the below examples into your knowledge base:”

There is no “continue” option anywhere on the page that I can find. What is there to import?

2 - In the app itself when I have collapsible arrows they work as intended expanding and collapsing. On this page Help page however - RemNote - in the main body when selecting the arrows it instead opens that rem completely as a new document instead of collapse and expand. I noticed this happens in this Help webpage when it is a square document icon as opposed to a round bullet. But when i go into the actual app it does not matter if I have a square document icon or a bullet, when i click on the adjacent arrow it always expands / collapses the document. Why does it not work that way on the Help page what is the onconsistency?

3 - When in the app and i right click the three dots to the left of a line item it opens the context menu. When i move the mouse to the right over the context menu the entire context menu jumps upward abut one inch. Nothing to do with my screen size / display resolution / what color socks I am wearing. Any ideas otherwise? Windows 8.1 / desktop app 1.3.15. Thanks.