Good examples / inspiration for structuring spaced-repetition documents?

Hi everyone,

I know that this is somewhat a matter of “personal taste” but are there some RemNote documents that have been publicly shared by users that you would recommend as good “examples” / “references” about how to best “structure” the cloze / lists etc… for active recall and spaced-repetition ?

(I wouldn’t like to spend hours doing things in a way, to then realize that it has some flaws and require doing it all over again from quasi-scratch)

Thanks for you suggestion :slight_smile:

Hello, I hope this article can help you : How to write good prompts: using spaced repetition to create understanding

You can find a lot of other ressources here: GitHub - hannesfrank/awesome-remnote: A curated list of RemNote plugins, themes, tutorials and other resources.


Thanks a lot remba for these great ressources.

Do you happen to also know of “examplary” shared remnote documents ?

To get a sense of the “do’s & don’ts”, of the “best practices” with remnote’s concepts, descriptors, clozes, multi-line lists etc…

I remember Mike and Matty once shared thier medical notes, on their youtube channel

Keep in mind that Andy’s guide is meant for Anki, i.e. isolated flashcards, you may wish to complement it with his implementation/variation of the zettelkasten.

Thx Echology & UMNiK :pray:t2: :blush:

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You are welcome.

I’m afraid I dont have any exemplary who may help you :confused:
I hope you did find something.

@UMNiK thank your for the link and the advice!

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We also have some example documents that load when you open RemNote as a guest user and press “Demo Documents” in the left sidebar - checking that out might help too.

Thx Martin !
Those are great inspirations :slight_smile:
Why not include them in the tutorials sections ?