GUIDE: Handwrite in RemNote (Non-native methods)

Yes, you can!
Those methods are obviously not native to the RemNote App (and can be used in most other places or apps as well).
If you found any other workarounds for handwriting to text, text extraction from imagine (such as, or related functions (on any OS) please post them here. I’ll keep on searching as well. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


  • Samsung devices: Samsung Keyboard or Gboard.
  • Other devices: Gboard - Google’s Keyboard App (Play Store download).
    How to: Handwrite on your keyboard - Android - Gboard Help. Let me know if you need a further tutorial for that, or just look it up on Youtube.

Windows (should work in both the Web & the Desktop App):

  • Use the pre-installed Touch Keyboard (different from the On-Screen Keyboard and Workspace Ink). Follow this: How to Use Handwriting Input on Windows 10 (
    If you have any issues, you may need your device to be recognised as a Tablet/Touch Screen first (aka have a Surface or similar) or you disabled it.

Solutions can be googled, but it may not work if your device doesn’t have tablet/touch screen functionality, or if Windows cannot be tricked to think it does (donno, sorry). Mine doesn’t open on a custom install but we deactivated most things.

Sorry Apple peeps, maybe you have something like this on/for your devices as well, we’ll have to keep on googling. :woman_shrugging: Maybe someone found a way and they are willing to share.

Tools of interest:

  • *If your device didn’t come with a Pen, but is a touch screen, you can use a mesh (and tilt it, but is a bit too bulky) or finer tip Capacitive Stylus Pen (Amazon is a great bet, but don’t buy the rubber-end ones).
  • Also, as long as your device allows you to, you can use either use a graphic tablet or use an App (such as the laggy Virtual Tablet App) to mimic one or something like
  • If there’s a way to turn your trackpad into a mini-tablet, I wouldn’t know, sorry.

I feel it is a bit too hidden here.There’s no guides section, so please move this wherever it is more appropriate, if needed. :sweat_smile: