GUIDE: Handwriting and Speech to Text in RemNote (Non-native methods)

Yes, you can! Those methods are obviously not native to the RemNote App (and can be used in most other places or apps as well).
Last updated: August 15th 2021.

Dictation/Voice Typing/Speech to Text



Solutions can be googled, but it may not work if your device doesn’t have tablet/touch screen functionality, or if Windows cannot be tricked to think it does (donno, sorry). Mine doesn’t open on a custom install but we deactivated most things.

Other tools of interest for handwriting:

  • *If your device didn’t come with a Pen but is a touch screen, you can use a mesh (and tilt it, but is a bit too bulky) or finer tip Capacitive Stylus Pen (Amazon is a great bet, but don’t buy the rubber-end ones).
  • Also, as long as your device allows you to, you can use either use a graphic tablet (How to Work with Handwriting in OS X - dummies) or use an App (such as the laggy Virtual Tablet Android App) to mimic one or something like the
  • You can also use Screen Extender Apps (like the spacedesk Android App) and VNC Apps (like VNC Viewer and bVNC Free Android Apps). Note: Those were the free apps that looked sharp, panned smoothly, and allowed handwriting (tested on Samsung Tab S3 with 2 monitors and a laptop screen). I found Remote Control Apps to be too laggy but your mileage may vary.

If you found any other workarounds for handwriting to text, dictation, text extraction from imagine (such as, or related functions (on any OS) please post them here.
I only use Android and Windows so please double-check the other methods and correct my assumptions.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

  • The first post was updated: All the dictation options were added along with some more handwriting options.
  • Note that the lists aren’t meant to be exhaustive by any means (including only the top-picks may be preferred). Suggestions and corrections are more than welcome!

  • All the Apps proposed so far are free and, where applicable, built into the Operating System of those devices.
  • Language packs/app versions and simultaneous usage of various methods (for example: using a Capacitive Pen along with the Gboard) may provide more options and varied results.

  • The Web App can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Make sure Desktop Site/View is turned on if you notice any hiccups or lack of features.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts should work with some External Keyboards. They will not work with the phone’s keyboard.