Have image occlusion function on pdf and make flashcard

have image occlusion function on pdf and make flashcard

The current workflow: snip the image with your favourite tool, paste it into a rem, add occlusions, ctrl+drag over the pdf to get the reference pin, paste the pin into the rem with the image.

I think this is already supported:

  1. Create an an area highlight with Ctrl + Drag of the part of the pdf you want to turn into an image occlusion card.
  2. Copy the reference to that area highlight with Ctrl + C and paste it into your notes.
  3. Click the image and make the image occlusion card.

This does not work. The reference will not show up in the card queue. You have to go into the pdf highlights and copy the porthole of the occlusion and then paste it where you want it.
Development should address this issue as a priority over cosmetics because it affects our study efficiency.