Have lost hours of work in the beta as didn't save

Don’t know what’s bug is this.
I had a Rem inside a folder and that folder inside a portal inside another folder.
All work has gone. Not saved in the beta no in the stable.
Any idea how to recover?
Have checked the trash, nothing there for today.
I don’t think it’s related to the beta server.
Looks like it’s a portal related bug.

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Sorry, this sounds frustrating.

  1. Did you create the Rem on the same device where you’re looking for them now?
  2. If you search for them with Ctrl + P, do they appear?
  3. Do you see them if you log out, and then back in?

It sounds possible that the Rem could have gotten misplaced through the portal somehow - but they shouldn’t be totally gone.

I’ve started that Rem as a portal inside a folder.
Before the missing the control - P was founding the portal as the top Rem instead of the title top Rem itself.
Couldn’t find it no more.
I use the Android app sometimes. But that work has been in the web version.
I’ve created the work again from the scratch. No problem.
Thanks Martin!

That’s frustrating, sorry. Any chance you could send us the output of this page to support@remnote.io so we can ensure we find the root issue here? Thanks!