Help needed with Aliases

TLDR: Can someone give me the new correct syntax for the aliases please?

Hello, I’ve been using this CSL to create reference consistently: GitHub - ft-fk/CSL-Remnote: CSL (citation language style) to cite document from Mendeley/Zotero in Remnote-Md -

this creates the following for each library’s item, an example:

**Cobalt: demand-supply balances in the transition to electric mobility (EUR 29381 EN - JRC112285)**, Alves Dias et al., [[Issued/2018]] 
          Alves Dias et al., 2018 
  [[People/Authors/Alves Dias, Patrícia]], [[People/Authors/Blagoeva, Darina]], [[People/Authors/Pavel, C]], and [[People/Authors/Arvanitidis, N]] 
  [[Issued/2018]], [[Publisher/Publications Office of the European Union]] 

however, this does not create the appropriate the result:

To show the difference, I’ve created manually the alias in remnote (green= correct, red=wrong)


This is very likely because you have another top-level rem with key ~. Then the resolution of [[~/Aliases]] reference picks an arbitrary one.

Can you find the other ~ rem with Ctrl + P?

Try to delete the extra one(s). If you have extra content on them, you need to move the children manually, since you cannot merge when a powerup, here ~, is involved.

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Thank you @hannesfrank for the correct diagnostic and complete explanation.
Issue resolved :smiley: :+1:

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