Help! Tried to delete 1 rem & my day's worth of rems are gone & not in the Trash!

So I was working on my daily document for “14 Sep” and I was adding quite a number of rems throughout the day. At one point I wanted to delete a single rem and used the shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Backspace” and the next thing I know all my REMs on the “14 Sep” document are gone. And I can’t find any of my “14 Sep” Rems in the trash (under settins>account>trash).

I know for certain that it can’t be an “offline no backup sync’d issue” as I was definietly syncing online as I had been using both the desktop and mobile version throughout the day without a problem. However, I can’t find any of my rems in this document anywhere now!

I would badly need my rems soon as I was planning an event for tomorrow.
I’m using the pro version of remnote. Any help would be appreciated!

My issue is now resolved! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

After talking with a Remnote mod on discord, he identified the issue and proposed a workaround solution.

In my case, I had a lot of deleted Remnotes in the past 14 days and that was causing the trash to appear full as it was showing a capped number (~1600 rems) of my oldest deleted items in the past 14 days sorted in descending order. Which gave the impression that the rems were not in the trash (Settings > account > Trash)

The workaround solution is to restore older rems from the trash to free up the trash to show more recently deleted rems.

Alternatively, you could wait a few days for the oldest rems to be permanently deleted causing the trash to free up in space

Hope this helps someone.