Help us improve our User Onboarding Process

Hey Everyone! :remnote:

We are looking to redesign our User Onboarding process to help new users learn RemNote more effectively and with ease. Understanding the current pitfalls and difficulties that users face when they start using RemNote, will help us improve the process for everyone.

If you are interested in spending 15mins with Martin and Andres on a call to help them understand your pain points, and if you are a :

  1. a new user (used RemNote for <2 weeks) and , please pick a time slot here - Calendly.
  2. a regular user (used RemNote for >1 month) please pick a time slot here - Calendly.

As a token of thanks, we would be happy to gift you with 3 months of Pro Subscription, for Free! :partying_face:

Happy Learning!


Well the problem its simple, you need more officials youtube videos and please guys you need demonstrate an enthusiastic performance. In The last videos that i saw the guy who is explaining seems so bore and obligate to do these job.( RemNote Tutorial - Fill in the Blank - YouTube).
In the first an old youtube videos of Remnote the same guy seem enthusiastic, amazing, didactic, happy happy happy , now seems sad, sad, sad and boring and obligate , these image pollute all Remnote product.
The question is do you want sell the product or not?


The URL is not valid for regular user


The URLs don’t work FYI.
As for onboarding, there’s in my opinion, too much misinformation baked into older videos, which tends to really confuse matters if you’re trying to figure things out.


The slots went quick, thanks to everyone that participated and stay tuned for any future tester calls!