Help with flashcards

Hi all. New to Remnote and trying to figure something out. I’m using Remnote for language learning.

My question is: how can I quickly copy a rem to another document in order to have a new set of flashcards?

Phrase 1 <-> Phrase 2

Phrase 1<-> Phrase 2

So, I have all of these rems in a doc and I practice as flashcards. Let’s say there are 3 I want to isolate because I really need to work on them. I’m assuming the best way is to move them to another document so I have a new set of flashcards. Am I complicating this? What is the easiest way?

The proper way would be to always answer honestly when you practice and let the algorithm decide what you need to work on. A way to manually override would be creating a new rem somewhere, e.g., named “cramming”, then portalling a subset of flashcards into that rem and using its Rem Options (top right menu) to “Flashcards - Practice all flashcards”.