Help with Missing Rems after using flashcards?

Hello, I am newer to the RemNote community and am using it as a tool for professional school. I have run into an issue where after I have run through all my of my flashcards, every rem that I didn’t tag to edit is deleted. This really concerns me, as I want to look through my notes again but I can’t. I have attached a picture as an example. I appreciate anyone’s help!

Flashcards with tag Edit Later will not be in Queue anymore until you Done Editing…

With Missing Rems… Can you found them on Trash (Setting → Account →Trash)

They are not in my deleted rems. I am not looking for them to be back in the queue, but in the document.

Ok… I understand your problem…
Can you search for them in Knowledge Base?

Ok I searched up one that I could remember and it was in the “portal”. How do I just get all of the information in the portal back into the document it belongs in?

Is Steroid hormone action Rems is in the right breadcrumbs/hierarchy?

You can try to click on these breadcrumbs if this rem is in right position…

If it is on wrong place, You can move it with Ctrl + Shift + M