Here is a MacOS "Quick Add" keyboard shortcut

After years of using RemNote and waiting for this very one feature, I’ve found a way to create a quick entry keyboard shortcut for RemNote.

This is the behaviour:

If anyone has basic AppleScripts skills, we could write a script to achieve the same result, without the need of a third party app like Keyboard Maestro.

A quick add shortcut is a shortcut capable of instantly launching an data entry window of an application. Popular examples are and

With this macro, by pressing CTRL + + A (or a hotkey of your liking) you will instantly launch Remnote’s Daily Document.

To run my very own version of this macro you will need:

Go into your Chromium based browser and create a Progressive Web App (PWA) for remnote.

In most browsers you can do this by right clicking on the tab and selecting “Create Shortcut…”.

In Chrome, select the tab where RemNote is active, click on the “three dots” menu and select More Tools… > Create Shortcut.

Once you have created the PWA, you can deploy and tweak my Keyboard Maestro Macro. If you any questions feel free to ask!

RemNote Quick Entry.kmmacros (24 KB)