Hide all show all- image occlusion

Hey guys, Is it also possible to create image occlusion cards where all fields are hidden, one is requested and therefore colored differently and then all are revealed?

Yup, it’s a toggle in the lower part of the cloze window or Alt+T. Note you do need to make at least two separate clozes first.

But is there a way to show all the answers afterwards not just the one which was asked?

Sorry for jumping the gun on marking the solution there. The only way to achieve close to what you are asking for at the moment is manually add extra markings to the image around the part you want to be tested on, add any extra clozes and merge all clozes. Obviously, this would only work for testing that single marked cloze.

If you could add a few examples of what you are trying to achieve and a possible implementation (possibly a way to split a cloze from merged clozes just visually from the merge menu by clicking on it with a modifier key held down), this would make a good Feature Request.