Highlight question rem in queue (to depict Cloze rem as standalone)

As an effect of using the concept descriptor framework, in the queue, when a rem is not bolded, that means that there is not sufficient context to answer the question in that rem alone, and so I need to move up the hierarchy until a bolded rem is reached. The bolded rem has the context necessary to answer the question in the queue. In practice, the first thing my eye searches for in the queue is a bolded rem.

This system works well as long as one sticks to concept, descriptor, and standalone question type rem. The problem arises with cloze type rem because in the queue there is no way to make them bold. This means there is inconsistency in the system where bold=standalone or context, and hurts the other cards as well.

For my standalone cloze cards, I would very much like to make these rem show up as bolded in the queue (I even had a dream about it :upside_down_face:).

Though in the rem editor, one can manually make a cloze rem into a concept or stand-alone question, this still does not result in the rem being bolded in the queue.

When there are many cards in the queue, it is paramount to clearly know:

  1. If a rem is standalone
  2. if the rem is not standalone, which rem in the hierarchy provides the needed context.

Can the team look into getting cloze rems to be bold in the queue, and the ability to designate cloze rem as standalone? Is there some CSS code I can paste to get the desired behavior @hannesfrank?

It would make sense to expand the syntax of what makes a standalone Question-type-rem to include cloze rem, if the cloze rem started with a capital.

That is an interesting workflow you have! I agree that a visual indication (like bolding the rem) can increase the speed and ease you can answer your cards by guiding your attention.

The queue markup is pretty bare so there is no immediate CSS enhancement to support your use case.

I think the queue will receive some love as part of the redesign. I’ll move this to feature requests again so it hopefully will not get lost. Backlinking also to Queue Plugins API