Highlighting Latex Formulas

See the Katex Documentation: Style, Color, Size, and Font for more information.

Note that: The last argument of the colorbox commands is text again, not math. You have to use $ again or else you get normal text font image .

As colors you can use everything that works for HTML: names (see this table) or #RRGGBB hex codes.

Edit: Fixed typo pointed out by @helado


Niiice, thanks!

In your fcolor example, shouldn’t black come first and yellow second if its “first frame then fillcolor”?

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Good catch! Thanks!


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Very nice work, I got caught out by \color working as a switch unlike Anki (which uses MathJax). How did you find out that RemNote uses Katex?

It was discussed in Discord on 2020-09-13T00:00:00Z. So it was probably just somewhere in the back of my mind.