History (very useful, but) gets in the way

The automatic display of history is super nice, I just have one request : could you please make so that it is triggered only when we hover over the history icon?
At the moment it’s triggered a few pixels on the left of the “…” of bullet point options which is problematic when this is triggered accidentally when trying to click on the “…”, and the whole history shows up covering what I’m trying to click on :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah it is kind of awkward.

This is the best I managed to do:

.pane {
margin: 0px 0px 0px 20px;

Maybe someone else will come with a better code.
(The above takes away space from the main pane… Would be best to just make the hit area of the history smaller)


Another way is as follows. Currently the trigger/hit area is 100% of vertical height. This one reduces it to 10% (or set whatever you like), essentially limiting the scope of trigger area to the top left corner. Then restore the height upon hover

Edit: one side effect of this is, when the thinking trail expands on hover, the height becomes 100% as opposed to just enough to contain the elements.

/* Reduce the  height of thinking trail to just 10% */
#thinking-trail-history, #thinking-trail-history__container  { 
    height: 10%; 
/* Upon hover, restore the height back to 100% */
#thinking-trail-history:hover , #thinking-trail-history:hover  #thinking-trail-history__container { 
  height: inherit; 


Thank you. This is CSS, right? (sorry I don’t code, so wouldn’t know) Is it applicable to the desktop app?

ok thanks, I just understood how to implement these (CSS is awesome :slight_smile: )