How can I force a page break for a better PDF view?

I want my chapter on a new page in the PDF view, but I don’t know how to force a page break. How can I solve this problem?

Thanks a lot.

You can add manual page breaks by tagging a rem with #Page Break After plus some Custom CSS:

  [data-rem-tags~="page-break-after"] {
     page-break-after: always;

There are some more print tweaks here that are currently broken, but will work again in the next update:

@hannesfrank Which grey boxes do you mean?

I only know how to make a referemce, but kot how to tag the rem. Do I have to click on thr plus sign and there somewhere or where can I find the option “tag”

@hannesfrank I still don’t get how to use this. So I put it in the Custom css and how do I tag this and where?

See What is Custom CSS and how do I use it?:

  • Put the CSS code into a CSS code block on the Custom CSS page.
  • Tag the last rem on a page with #page break after. I personally store these styling tags next to the CSS code, but it does not matter. You can just create them top level.

Note that the [data-rem-**container-**tags] versions are currently broken. And it does not work with Windowed Panes.

@hannesfrank I still don’t get how to tag the rem. Where can I do that. If I write #oage break after it only turns blue. It does not look like yours on the right side

Those are no special tags, you apply the tag like any other tag:

If it shows differently or turns your rem blue then you probably have other Custom CSS that does it by accident:

And the print looks like this:

It appears page breaking does not work in Chrome/Desktop app with Windowed Panes. Only in Firefox or in Chrome/Desktop app with split pane mode. You may want to disable Windowed Panes in Settings > Interface before and restart the app.

I disabled Window panes and it still does not work. I only have one CSS file

In the first image you have a reference (the blue page-break-after). You need a tag (the gray boxes on the right). Furthermore make sure the text is page break after not page-break-after because special characters are removed which results in the data-rem-tag (the thing CSS targets) of pagebreakafter.


This here is a tag:

You make them with ## or by copying with /copy as tag and Ctrl + V.