How can I search for a rem by name exactly?

I have quite a few documents, tags, etc that I can’t locate because they’re drowned out in search results, e.g. the tag “important”, which brings up other documents with important in their names but not the tag of that name.

My normal instinct in these situations is to use quotes to perform an exact search. But RemNote instead searches for notes that use quote marks in the text, so searching for "important" doesn’t bring up the tag “important” but does bring up quotes from books.

This is especially tricky if you’re taking notes on things like the programming language C or the movie Us. Even though I have a document entitled simply “C” I cannot find it in the search.

Is there any way, or cold there be any way, to perform a search for a tag or document whose name you know?

As of now there are no search modifiers to force exact matches.

RemNote uses some smart weighting that should rank exact matches higher than partial matches (here is some info: Searching Your Knowledge Base | RemNote Help Center). It takes a lot of things into account (full rem match, full word match, is document, nesting depth etc) and as you can imagine it’s quite trickly to balance all these factors.
E.g. when searching Reference should a top level document called Reference Notes be ranked higher or lower than deeply nested plain Reference rem, even though it’s a full match?

If you feel something is not balanced well, or is a straight up bug (like in your case), please open a support ticket so we can figure out where the search weighting made a mistake.

The brute-force solution would be to use a prefix for structural things, much like ~ is the recommended prefix for universal descriptors. Another solutions are to mark those things as documents or concepts (ctr+alt+s, doesn’t have to be a flashcard), which will bump them up in search results. Finally, the hover search (one that pops up after you select some text) and “Find text references” backlinks portal search both look for exact matches only.

There is also the Only Search Concepts + Documents toggle:
Works in normal search too (Ctrl + P, [[). If you have some rem tagged as a concept (C, Us) then you can discard a lot of other plain text rem containing that word from the results.