How do I activate/view word count?

Hi there
can anyone please answer a couple of basic questions regarding word count.

  1. Can I just add the word count plug in and start using it when not paying a subscription?
  2. If yes to q1, how the heck do I make it active and how can I see it when I highlight a block of text?

Basic questions I know but just not clear to me.

Thanks for any help on this

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You should be able to use any plugins for free, however, the current ones are fairly outdated.

Hi Chris,

  1. Yep! Just go to Settings → Plugins and click Add on the right of the desired Plugin.
  2. Type/ inside the Editor and look up the plugin. You can do /plugin, /word, /counter, they would all return It as a result. Click it. A box displaying those stats will appear shortly.
    Note: Trying to use it again, while the old counter is present, may glitch it. Just press Ctrl + Z (undo) to remove the duplicate or use the Six Dot Menu → Delete Rem.

Got it, thanks so much Gabriela


Is this plug-in still available?

No, it needs to be recreated in the new plugin system. There is example code here: Word Count | RemNote