How do I do Nested Tags?

I think I’ve seen in a video before people using nested tags, but I can’t seem to find said video. How do I do nested tags?

It’s a bit buggy at the moment, but basically you go from smallest to biggest, e.g. say you have this hierarchy (they don’t have to be children of each other, that’s just for visual convenience).
You tag the “Individual object” with “Smaller subset”, then “Smaller subset” with “Big category”
The backlink portal of “Big category” will contain all the rem that are tagged with rem that are also tagged with “Big category”.

Are there plans to make this less buggy? Seems like it’s a very useful feature.

I’m sure there are plans.

Hi! I’m not sure it’s working for me. Is it still working in current version of RemNote? Thanks

It certainly works for me when it comes to adding slots, i.e., I can tag something with X and if X itself is tagged with Y, it will offer both X’s and Y’s slots.

That’s amazing! I think I’m starting to figure it out. Do you happen to know if I can go the next step using Boolean operators: “#Big category AND #other Big category” to include Rems tagged with subsets of both of these? It would be incredibly powerful to have that kind of hierarchy in the background.

Sure, all Search Queries are transitive by default (in fact, at the moment, you can’t make them not transitive).

Perhaps a workaround is to create nested folders, and study the content in the subfolter.