How do I get RemNote back online and synching?

Hi there
My RemNote in Chrome is saying it has been offline for three days! - This is a little concerning because there doesn’t seem to be a way to toggle it back online even though I have internet connection on my laptop. Can anyone explain why and how I get it back online please?

Also worth noting that even if your data is not synced, it is still saved meaning that you can close the browser any time. And often closing RemNote will trigger a final sync and it will give you an alert if you really want to leave which you cancel, wait for the sync to finish (a toast appears top right) and then close RemNote again.

Let’s see if this will help you.

Can you go to your settings and check?

  1. Look for the tick under Syncing. Can you click on the ‘tick’ sign directly and see if it triggers a sync?
  2. I will suggest this 2nd option only if the above does not work. Click “Force Sync All Files”.