How do I get the old reference hover feature back?

Previously I could make my reference into:

(Concept):: (description)

Then when I hover over it, it would show me the name + description and nothing else. This was something I’ve extensively used since I use the reference feature to remind myself what acronyms and concepts are.

I’ve enable the Preview Rem Descendants on Hover but this just shows the name + concept + preview and isn’t as clean as the old way. I want to disable the preview part as if I wanted to look at the references and other stuff that I’ve written on the page, I’d open the rem and see what I placed inside.

Urgg yes please!! I’m super frustrated that this has changed. When I hover over a reference which is a concept, now I see all its children’s concepts and definitions much larger than the definition of the reference… Before I had a quick definition available. That was always the biggest plus with rem references. I image that people who use Remnote to learn languages will find this super annoying. I hope there’s a way to switch back.