How do I move an image from one rem to another rem?

When I’m building a new set of rems, sometimes I want to move an image that is already uploaded to one rem, to another rem. I can’t seem to get a hold of it. If I click on it, it wil enlarge. If I select it and copy it, and then try to past it in the other rem nothing happens.
It’s a lot more work to remove the image in one place, then search for the image again on my computer and upload it to the new place.
Am I missing something?

Try selecting it using shift+arrows, then copy and pasting. If that fails, ctrl+a to select the entire contents of the rem, then paste and edit out the extra stuff.

There’s no need to remove and reupload images. You can generally move them just as you would any other Rem:

  • Mouse - best for the same document: Drag & Drop it by holding down on the bullet point and moving your mouse. You can decide under what existing hierarchy to nest it under (or none). A blue line indicated where it will snap into.
  • Keyboard: Alt + Arrow Up/Arrow Down. This moves the Rem 1 line.
  • Keyboard/Mouse - best for long/separate documents: Use Set New Parent (Move):
    You can use Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate your search.

You can also open two documents side by side and either Drag and Drop between them.

There’s a few more ways to do this, just pointing out a few.

Crucially though, all of these preserve the same rem with all its contents (which may be extraneous, e.g. description of the image that is no longer true).

As an alternative to moving, if you want to keep the same rem in multiple places (for example, add different descriptions to the same image), references ([[ or ctrl+shift+r) have to get a mention. As a usage tip, if you put an image as a child to a rem and reference the parent, you can get a hover image effect without cluttering the outliner. You could also shrink the image to a few pixels and describe it by text - the full size version will be a click away.