How do you answer a fill in the blank/Cloze rem?

Completely new to Remnote, sorry if this has already been answered.

But when I try typing in my fill in the blank answer, the typing of letters triggers the answer to show before I can type out my answer.

Is the idea that you just answer it in your head?

Which device do you use?

But be aware that even when you turn on the “type answer” option in settings, when answering the flashcard (this can be a regular flashcard and not just a Cloze) you have to be sure the cursor is in the text box. If it is not, keystroke shortcuts can still happen when you start typing. If the cursor is not in the text box, hitting Tab a few times will get it there quickly.

If you’d like to type out your answers, you have to turn on this option in Settings- Queue
By default you indeed have to imagine the answer in your head before pressing the button to reveal it.

I’m using a Macbook Pro with Safari browser. Shuffling through my rem cards so I can show you how it looks, maybe I formatted it wrong