How many votes does each user have? (I just unvoted one post, but am not allowed to vote another)

I wanted to vote for a post, but it says I had reached my Limit.
So I removed my vote from an old post, and tried voting again.
Still, it said I’m at my Limit.

Was my vote allowance reduced?

How many votes does each user have?

I guess

30 votes for Admin / Regular Level
20 votes for Member Level
10 votes for Basic Level

Thanks! Didn’t know.

I forgot I used to be an Admin.
They had made me Admin because I was being helpful and praising Remnote a lot.
But then they demoted me because I was posting criticism.

Such a weird system.

This is exactly the kind of behaviour that we requested you to stop.

We did not demote you, you stepped down yourself because you found our request unacceptable.

The only request that we had for our community moderators was this:

  • We believe that our biggest supporters should have direct access to the team and that they should use that to communicate their grief and concerns. That way we can introspect and change things better.
  • We asked our Community Mods not to publicly lash out/rant about the product or team without talking to us first. When moderators rant or lash out the community morale goes down 10x and hence we wanted them to try and work with us to communicate the problems of the community privately. I still think that’s expected out of any community’s moderator.

TL;DR - you chose that the freedom of publicly demeaning RemNote was more important to you than working with us to achieve better results.

@ognsya would certainly like that and appreciate your attempt for the same :slight_smile:

Yes, I consider publicly voicing my opinions very important.

Sorry you consider “communicate grief and concern” the same as “being demeaning”, “rant” or “lash out”. They are not. I understand now why that made you upset.

That’s not concern or grief. That’s clearly demeaning. You are implying that we only encourage praise and that we demoted you when you started criticising. That’s a take on the reputation ~ demeaning.

In the past there were similar instances and that’s what triggered the request of sharing your grievances privately first, so that we have a chance to do something about it before our moderator chooses to publicly bring our reputation down.

In any case, just wanted to state what actually happened. We didn’t demote you because you were criticising, we requested that mods didn’t resort to unproductive public acts that would hurt the company (we didn’t even say that happened in the past) and you voluntarily left the role without even trying to understand why or have a conversation. Now you are here, doing this.

I disagree with your version of the facts. But respect your right to state them. Let’s move on to better things?