How open documents like powerpoint and word documents into blank documents

It would be great if we could take already created lecture notes and open the content directly into a blank document versus it appearing as an attachment. It would be faster in creating flashcards and/or quickly adding key information to existing document.

Currently I am having to attach my professor lecture presentations as PDF’s and retype all the already created content to create flash cards. This is labor intensive so I don’t use Remnote often as I would like. Some lecture powerpoint have 50 slides or more.

It would be helpful to import documents into remnote as organized text like Microsoft one-note or notability then highlight the desired flashcard text or be able to add new text directly onto the existing imported document.

In Microsoft one-note they use a print function to enable documents or powerpoint slides to be imported as organized text into a blank document. Notability allows documents and any extension file type content to appear in its original form into a blank document.

Please post all feature requests on the feedback platform. I’ve manually moved yours, it may now be found here.