How to build a fixed filter like a portal


I search “red” and get the result of this page, but I do this filter all the time, and I do not want to search very time.
I wanna a portal like thing, which will alway directly show filter result I have set.
Type “/search” will get a search portal, but this search will search whole repo, the result is too many, I want search it under a rem.

Search portal query for searching within a rem (for example, Rem X) is:
isDescendant: [[Rem X]]
where [[Rem X]] is a reference to Rem X

And then, to specify what you’re searching for within Rem X, you just continue adding this info to the query like so:

  • If searching for all rems in Rem X tagged with ##SomeTag
    isDescendant: [[Rem X]] ##SomeTag


  • If searching for all rems containing references to [[Some Reference]] in Rem X:
    isDescendant: [[Rem X]] [[Some Reference]]

I have tried it out myself, but I find that it only works with tags and not with references (this could be a bug).
Related: There was a feature pre-redesign that made doing exactly what you’re trying to do very simple, but I can’t seem to find it on RemNote 1.6, so I’ve posted about it in the Feedback category here.

Thank, hope the feature will be supported in the future