How to change bullet points?

Whenever I make a sub-bullet point on a bullet point with a number (1. example), it changes the bullet on the sub-bullet point to a number too. How do I change it back?

What’s happening here is that you’re telling it you want a List Card. To avoid that, enter inline code formatting via double `, type in your number, then exit inline code with double ` again. Alternatively, rephrase so the number isn’t first inside the rem.

Hi. I have the same issue as Claribex, anyone that could help me out?
I have for instance an H1 with 1. and 2. and ect, but when I make a subrem, I don’t want the nummering 1., 2. ect. again, any wait to just get ‘normal’ rems, or even ‘delete’ te bullet point with a shortcut ?

I am starting out on Remnote, and even after an hour of searching, I can’t find anywhere how to do that.

Thanks in advance

You have found how to do that, though - use inline code to enter arbitrary symbols without them getting interpreted, per the answer next to yours.