How to copy content without bullet/hyphen/asterisk?

sometimes I don’t want “asterisk”, how could I delete it ?

try “ctrl shift c”, “ctrl shift v” to avoid formatting.

I try to use ctrl shift c in remnote and paste somewhere else , but hyphen still exist

- content content content content content content
    - 1
    - 2

A workaround can be for you to use a tool like AutoHotkey and create a script that does that.

Here is the Autohotkey I use to do this. I can’t remember where I got it (cobbled from several sources, I think). It isn’t perfect (I haven’t figured out how to retain the ENTER key or what we used to call carriage return/line feed). If someone has a tip on that I’d love to hear it.

$^+v:: ; CTRL+SHIFT+V works in Word, google, Teams, Sharepoint, RemN etc. with
; sufficiently high sleep (250). $ needed because using ctrl v later
ClipSaved := ClipboardAll ; Save the current clipboard
gosub getplain
Send, ^v
Sleep 250 ; Don’t change clipboard while it is pasted! (Sleep > 0) – may need
; higher value for slower computer
Clipboard :=
Clipboard := ClipSaved
VarSetCapacity(Clipsaved, 0) ; Free memory
StringReplace, clipboardt, clipboard, rn, %A_Space%, All
Clipboard :=
clipboardt := RegExReplace(clipboardt, " {2,}", " ")
StringLeft, 1st, clipboardt, 1
IfInString, 1st, %A_Space%
StringTrimLeft, clipboardt, clipboardt, 1
StringRight, last, clipboardt, 1
IfInString, last, %A_Space%
StringTrimRight, clipboardt, clipboardt, 1
Clipboard := clipboardt
ClipWait, 1