How to correctly use Numbered Lists?

Just discovered RemNote and it looks very exciting! I’m interested in using it to create requirements documents, capture meeting notes, and tackle any action items that come out of them.

Numbered lists are an important part of my workflow and I’m having a tough time figuring out how to use them effectively in RemNote.

  1. Looks like I can only start a numbered list as a child to a regular bullet point? Is there a way to work around this?
  2. The bigger issue though is that indenting children within a numbered list seems to revert back to a “-“ instead of using a numbered list?
  3. I’ve found that if I convert that rem into a “List Card Item” then it uses numbers although this is undesirable for two reasons:
    4. It bolds the parent rem?
    5. It’s something I have to manually do for each new child?

Are these known bugs or are numbered lists simply 2nd class citizens in RemNote. Are there other workarounds that I can use?

Admittedly it doesn’t look like I’m in the target audience of research/flash cards/etc but I love some of the features and would love to continue exploring this tool.


Sadly, your wanted workflow is at cross-purposes with the current list implementation. You can quickly start a list from any rem by typing ::1. for numbered or ::*. for bulleted (or dashed, as the case may be). However, the list items will be children and the list parent will be bolded. If you create new children from pressing Enter inside existing ones, they should be automatically numbered items. Why indenting them makes them dashes, I have no idea. If that bothers you, feel free to submit a Feature Request on the forums or a bug on Github.