How to get rid of the "Hey, there! It looks like you're struggling to learn and retain this card."

Hey, after I studied my flashcards, some of them won’t show up normally, instead I get this: “Hey, there! It looks like you’re struggling to learn and retain this card.” and the suggestion to edit the card. But even if I do that, the card will not reappear normally, so I cant study that card anymore

Can anyone help me and let me know how I can get rid of that thing?

Thanks so much!

This is what I found on the leech cards

  • Leech Cards
  • A “leech” card is a card that you repeatedly press “forgot” on. Continuing to practice leech cards doesn’t lead to effective learning; it’s better to reformulate these cards or re-learn their material.
  • RemNote now automatically identifies “leech” cards and warns you about them in your queue. You’ll get a message that “it looks like you’re struggling to learn and retain this card”. You’ll then be able to take action on temporarily disabling the card, fixing it, or adding it to your “edit later” list.

Not sure beyond that as I have not really dived into the SRS portion as of yet

I would also like to disable this feature, feels like it only started recently. It means those cards are just going to show up later on, giving me more to do all at once. Changing them would take too long. My strategy is to press forget on difficult cards until all the easy ones are out of the way, then there is less time between the hard cards, making them easy to complete. This may not be an optimal strategy, but it works for me and its what I’m used to. I can’t do it now, unless I click on “Show answer”. If I press enter, it sends the card to “edit later”. Please implement a way to disable this.

This is a very annoying new feature, and it looks broken too. I can only select “Disable”, “Skip” or “Edit later”. Pressing “Skip” seems to make the rem disappear completely from the flashcards queue. I have done this for many cards now before I realized this. How can I get them back?

And please, make this a feature we can turn off. Thanks!

Exactly! Even we know when to edit, we don’t need our learning flow to be disrupted this way! It’s extremely annoying. If we r repeatedly pressing forgot, it means we need it to come back over and over till we can retain it. We do not need this update. Needs to be rolled back!! I can’t stress enough how much of a disturbance it is. Remnote used to be my favourite flashcards app and I have a whole database there, but this is seriously putting me off! Please disable this absolutely useless feature

Now you can just search for “Leech” in settings and set that to e.g., 9999.