How to help RemNote grow? 🌲

Community size multiplies all other aspects of RemNote: Development budget, Community guides and content, number of Themes, Extensions, …

Apart from the usual boring stuff like making

  • video tutorials
  • articles
  • shared notes + flashcards about a specific topic, e.g. from a popular textbook
  • plugins, user scripts and other hacks (:gear: Smart Rem anyone?)
  • themes and other CSS snippets
  • social media posts (twitter, …)

Here are some unconventional ideas:

  • sticker, poster at university
  • leave flyers in lecture hall
  • tell random students you come across at the university or school
  • make announcement after a large/every lecture
  • persuade your friends to spread it
  • persuade someone with influence to spread it (like a radio moderator, or a cashier at a super market in a university area)
  • introduce it to a niche community that could benefit from it
  • organize a sponsored event
  • pay someone to spin a sign
  • Make plugins/themes for it
  • Take as name in .io/online games (yes, I actually did that a few times)
  • Register it on all online catalogues (alternativeto, slant) and ask our discord to vote on it
  • Curate a Wikipedia article
  • make lists of how to spread it :smiley:

(And yes, I know not all of those ideas are feasable :stuck_out_tongue:)

What are your crazy ideas? Set your pomodoro timer to 5 minutes and write down everything that comes to mind. Be creative, it’s fun!


Don’t forget the media kit

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Most important would be to educate the current users the importance of voting in product hunt on launching day :grimacing: that right now has the highest potential to get the word out with the least amount of effort .


how do we vote in product hunt on launch day? do we have to set up an account with product hunt?


Yes, you do need to sign up with Product hunt, but it’s free and takes hardly a minute !

It will be worth it :slight_smile: