How to hide answers to child flashcards in parent list flashcard?

I am attempting to use the following structure:

parent list rem example

The child rems are displaying as I would like them to. However, when I reveal the answer to the parent flashcard, I want it to only display the names of the children, but in this structure, it shows the children and the answers to their flashcards as well. The closest I have gotten is by adding explanation rems within each child. This is a lot of duplication and one extra level in the hierarchy. Is there a way to avoid this while still achieving what I want?

Not without extra duplication, I’m afraid. The current multi-line/list Cards assume their children to be answers or multi-line parents of answers.

Is there any workaround with a powerup?

Not that I can think of. Depending on how difficult the children themselves are, you may wish to opt for a combined card that will use clozes to ask for both the children and their answers, see Give multilines, lists, and sets options to show their children in random order, one by one, or hide all, show one. Also have individual schedules for each child. | RemNote