How to make a document a folder?

I created a document and added a rem to it.
I then made the rem into a document, so there is a document in a document (like a folder).
However it doesn’t have the “add a document to this folder” button, or have the ability to expand in the sidebar.

Hi! You might want to make sure that both the rems have actually been turned into documents - have a look for if both these rems have the power up tag Document. Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried again. Created a document. Put some text inside it. Converted that into a document.

Interestingly I can see that it made the parent document into a folder based on the “Add a Document To This Folder” option appearing, but this only happened after I closed and reopened which I didn’t try before.

However it still doesn’t show the ability to expand the folder in the sidebar which is what I was hoping for.

Thanks for the screenshot! When you open your Document Sidebar rem and open the search portal you’ve created there for #Archives, it probably shows your Test document, but it is not expanded to reveal the document within it. Once you expand it (using Ctrl/Cmd + ¹), it should make it expandable in the sidebar.

I believe this is because only the Test document rem was tagged with #Archives, which fits the query in the search portal. If the Test document inside document rem was given this tag as well, it would also appear in the search portal and would make Test document expandable. I would suggest doing this (permanent fix as opposed to ¹). Hope this helps!

Thanks for this, looks like you’re right, it shows up as a child in the sidebar either if I have the search portal in the sidebar fully expanded, or the child too is tagged the same way. Not sure which of those I prefer yet but I’ll play with it a little more and adjust it depending on what I put in there. Cheers.

No worries, happy to help!