How to organize my to-do Powerup?

I’ve fully converted over my note taking habits to RemNote and have very much enjoying it!

I’m finding that as I’m taking notes I often come up with something I need to do so it makes a lot of sense to be able to make a to-do with ##todo or Ctrl + Enter really quick to make a to do.

Makes it super easy and makes me want to replace my current task management system with RemNote as well.

There are a couple of things I’m struggling to figure out and curious if this is possible right now. It seems obvious but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Once I’ve made a todo, I am able to see all the to-do’s in the Todo Powerup rem with additional powerup rems inside, finished and unfinished.

I’d like to be able to prioritize my to-do’s like a “urgent” vs. “ongoing” etc. I’m imagining some way to be able to quickly Ctrl + Enter while taking notes, and then tagging “Urgent” and then having it show up in the urgent section of the Todo Powerup.

Or even just have all Todo’s show up on the Todo Powerup and a way for me to re-organize or create manual filter boxes for ones that are tagged urgent to display whenever I’m on the list.

Or even anything that works for prioritizing beyond just showing Finished and Unfinished.

Any tips on how to do that would be super appreciated!


This is exactly why we need Ability to use logical operators for searching feature. Please upvote that one. Without the ability to combine multiple references and tags using some logical operator what we can do is limited.

I think, as of now, the max we can do in a search portal is to use one reference or tag and combine it with isDescendant to restrict the hierarchy of the search results as shown below.


Thank you! I voted! somebody also mentioned using portals, which I think will be good enough if I reserve certain tags just for sorting purposes

What you can do right now is use tags and portals to filter them as much as you like, having logical operators in the search would make this much better but it does the job for now.

In this topic (Adding domain weights to rem) there is an exemple of how to use portals and tags to filter itens.

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