How to remove strikethrough from checked checkboxes?

I want to change the way the checkboxes are displayed when checked or marked, want to make them no-strikethrough, I’m guessing whith CSS. Thanks if you can help me.

Dear @hannesfrank, I mention you again because I’m sure you can do it, hahaha. Hope I’m not abusing your good disposition! :wink:

Seems like I have made myself a name here :smile:

.rem-todo--finished {
  text-decoration: unset;

Haha, you certainly have! Thanks, mate, I really appreciate it. :smiley:

Does this still work for others? I can’t get it to work. Thanks!
This changes the strikethrough, but not “color: purple” (as a visible test if some things are working).
Any advice for a less goofy selector would be great.

.rn-editor__rem__body--todo-finished { 
color: purple;
  text-decoration: dotted;}

The no-strikethrough is still working for me. Never tried using other styles. Was that what you were asking?