How to reset the interactive tour?

In a previous thread, someone mentioned how you can reset the interactive tour through the “Advanced Account Settings”:

But I see no button “Reset Onboarding” when I click on advanced settings. I also cannot uncheck the checkmarks in the side panel for the tour.

Is this still possible? I would like to reset the onboarding because its been years since I last used RemNote and lots of stuff has changed. I don’t know where else to start re-learning so I would like to start there.

You can read this blog from RemNote Team : RemNote Help Center

You can open RemNote in an Incognito Window

Was wondering the same thing. I am presuming that this option no longer exists as I can not find a way to re-set it know matter what I do

I imagine this is an oversight. Hopefully it is corrected soon as it would make it easier to ID what tutorials need to be done