How to set reminders in Remnote?

How to make remote remind me for specific document or group of flashcards to revise them again or remind me when group of flashcards came their time to be reviewed again

You can reference dates by typing !!. Then you will have this in the backlinks section of the daily documents of that date. I like to combine this with todos to schedule tasks.

This workflow requires you to look at your daily documents regularly to see todays or upcoming backlinks/tasks. There are no push notifications yet.

Someone knows if this issue has been resolved somehow? I find that using !! is not that effective and making reminders that could be sent to email is quite an important feature… it is making me consider migrating to notion.

AFAIK there are no immediate plans to have this builtin.

One can implement different notification workflows as a plugin though.

Internal reminders are very easy.

Sending emails is harder. The email needs to be scheduled using some Email API.