How to show all answers at same time in multi line rem?

I’ve created multi line rem flash cards but whenever I try to practice them, the show answer only shows one bullet point.

A screenshot would be helpful.

at the back of the card after >> did you hit enter? or did you type 1.? for multiline it should be the first one

The first one, and the first one does only show only one bullet point too when you show answer (when first displayed with the flashcard it shows the number of bullet points and when you click “Show Answer” it only shows the first bullet point)

As @chicken said: Just typing >>, Enter creates multiline/test-all-at-once cards by default. If you type >>1. it will create a list card/test-one-by-one.

You can also select the list items and type list (opens omnibar) to toggle the numbers which makes them test-all-at-once.

Or go into the card preview and select it there:

Assuming you mean “how to chow grandchildren as parts of a flashcard parent”, see this topic.