How to Take Notes for Work Using RemNote

Hello there! Just wanted to share a RemNote workflow here.

I started to seriously use RemNote in February after I lost my job and that’s also when I started seriously explore how to take or connect notes properly. So in my first day at the job that I recently got, I realized I never had the opportunity to apply these principles in an everyday basis.

In my first day, I was tryna remember how I used to take notes for work when it wasn’t remote. And I recall that I would buy a notebook or a notepad and write notes there but I also remember that I would still use sticky notes and random pieces of paper to jot things down which means everything is all over the place. They’re not dated. No organization what so ever

For this how to take notes as a professional using remnote video, I mainly use portals, daily documents, and templates.

Feel free to check it out!


did you know you can change and add general categories in the sidebar: change Pinned for meeting for example :smiley:
you could create one per general processes in your work, for example
hope your meeting with mark went well ^^

sorry! what do you mean by change Pinned for meeting? i’d love to know how you use yours

haha thanks :smiley:

Well, the 1st level categories in the sidebar are by default Pinned, Draft, Finished

I have discovered after many months of use of Remnote that these categories can be changed to whatever you want: you can change their name or their number.
Mine are now : Research and Else, not very original haha

Woah I actually didn’t know this! I went to Settings and the Customize Sidebar sections. Is that where it’s supposed to be? Coz I can’t find it

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yes :slight_smile:

Then if click on the “Pinned” (which is actually a rem reference), you open the the Rem called Pinned. You change its name, and your good to go :wink:


You can also manually create a more complicated sidebar (especially helpful if you have multiple windows turned on).


oh of course! it’s just a rem. nice, thank you so much!!

Wow what! There’s so many possibilities with RemNote. Thanks for sharing this.

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