How to turn a set to flashcards back to normal rem

I accidentally turned a lot of my notes into flashcards and I want to revert them back to normal rem. I don’t want to have to delete them and copy and paste the content again. Also I can’t seem to delete them Is there a keyboard shortcut to fix this. Thanks.

I have the opposite problem:

I copy and pasted some bullet points from a source into my daily document.


That worked quite well. But I want to turn the header (Time and Task Management) into a flashcard. And the only way that seems to be possible is to type :: and type the bullet points by hand again.

Or is there a better way to switch between normal bulletpoint hierarchy and flashcards.

Depending on what exactly happened, you can either /blank or ctrl+alt+q to remove bold/italics formatting, apply ##Suspend Cards to the parent rem to non-destructively disable practice, or select all the individual rem (ctrl+a a few times) and ctrl+alt+f to disable practice destructively.

These days I come across with the same problem, wondering why there is no direct access of changing a flashcard rem into normal text. However, you may make it by firstly move the back of the card upon to the parent level, then you move the same part for the as the indented child, which is not direct but gets the work done.


To turn a multicard’s children into regular flashcards/plain rem you can just fold them (if you don’t want to also turn their children regular), select them, then /card or ctrl+alt+r

@UMNiK the shortcut doesn´t work. That may depend on my localisation (german). The /card command works! Thanks for that hint!

Select all the children you wish to make into members of the parent’s flashcard and then either /card or ctrl+alt+r. Note that this applies to specifically multi-line cards, for regular cards in bulk see