How to use Remnote more productive with Keyboard Maestro(Mac shareware)

I’m using keyboard maestro(KM) to type emojis like in notion just one keystroke. (and even tags)

let me show you some examples.
I’m setting one keystroke [option key(⌥) + D] to type Horizontal line(Divider)

Hotkey for custom emoji (and even tags)

1. Copy your tag to Clipboard


2. Turn on KM and set trigger



3. and then click the new action button

4. drag and drop the Paste from Named Clipboard

5. Unnamed Named Clipboard to [New]

6. and then, unknown strings will popup

7. set name whatever you want and turn back to Remnote

8. just type keystroke you set

hope you guys to be more productive!

Custom Emoji use the same method.
but the difference is you should make custom 16x16pixel image first using Photoshop or Affinity Photo, image2icon, and any other tools.


Good job!

For Windows users, I suggest using Quicker

Our community has created many useful actions in Quicker, making it more sufficient to use RemNote.

We even have created a category for RemNote on Quicker’s website. See: RemNote - Quicker (

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Oh I haven’t heard that product
It seems useful like KM. pricing is reasonable.
but I think It needs to support multi-language first!