How to use RemNote to new Language?

what is the best way to use RemNote to learn a new language and making cards for multi definitions with the same word and type examples

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Could you give an example of some sort so that We can better understand what you are trying to achieve.

Hey @Drmez welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

I think this video might be really helpful for your usecase : How I Use RemNote (2021): The New Alias Feature And Other Tips - YouTube

I’m a huge fan of RemNote but i think that at this point of devellopement using Anki for language studiying will provide you better efficiency :

  • Choosing the number of new cards from huge decks.
  • Easy audio file & dictionary imput with Mikagu Adds-on.
  • Automatic movie/video flashcards generation (also Mikagu).
  • Importing amazing decks from the community.

RemNote is the absolute king for learning knowledge like notes & courses but Anki got specific options for language learning that aren’t on Remnote yet (tell me if i’m inacurate)

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I can see RemNote currently lacks the contributions from the community, like pre-made decks and add-ons. We hope to close the gap between Anki and RemNote, on those aspects soon :slight_smile:

Thank you for being a fan :wink:

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I’m also a big RemNote fan, but find myself agreeing with @Pouiz for the time being regarding language decks.

I’m liking using RemNote for grammar cards and other notes which are more dependant on context, but for vocabulary I’m still inclined to use Anki to take advantage of the user base of decks and ability to trickle in new cards.

My experience trying to import a 1500 card Anki deck was not too happy. It took me much of my evening to recover. I realized I would have to manually “turn off” subsets of these cards to keep from overwhelming my queue. RemNote also slowed down considerably and I couldn’t find why. It was much too slow to make fixes to my imported deck – about 20 seconds just to delete a rem (perhaps RemNote has trouble handling large documents). So I just deleted it all and I’m finding (thankfully!) that my RemNote seems to be back to normal. I may just use RemNote for my Anki leeches, since I find RemNote easier to edit I can put in sample texts and mnemonics more easily.

Hey @Tim_Webster! Could you describe in detail about your experience with Anki Import, it will really help us understand where the issue is and make it a more smoother experience