How to use tags as sidebar sections?


I’m trying to customize my sidebar for my taste. I’m trying to use search portals to reference tags and my intention is for this portal to show all documents tagged with the rem; however, I’m unsuccessful as the rem is empty, and this emptiness is reflected on the sidebar.

What I tried before was moving rems into the Document Sidebar, but this suddenly tied all my rems (either documents or folders) to a “place” (meaning: to be contained inside another rem) instead of letting tags sort what rem belongs to this other rem, and besides that, all children rem are displayed as children in the sidebar regardless of hierarchy (the children of a child of a parent rem is displayed on the sidebar, which is no bueno)

I see that inside a rem used as a tag we can see which documents are tagged and this won’t show on the Document Sidebar when using a search portal nor is display in the Sidebar itself (the rem there is display as not having children)

What am I doing wrong?