HTML/CSS Workflow?

Hi I’m trying to start learning HTML/CSS, and I was wondering if it’s worth taking notes on Remnote and using flashcards to test myself. If so, what’s the best practice? Any shared work or examples would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve been struggling with this myself. A little trick I figured out is typing up the code in a code block, adding prompts or whatever else as code comments, then snipping (win+shift+s) the code block and making it into an image occlusion. Obviously, this is for stuff that won’t be linked. See example.

For stuff that does need to be linkable to and from, use the front to store the actual symbol or function name in quote formatting, so it is easily drag-searchable and you can slap a few of them together. Example.
To make the quote formatting apply a monospaced (“code”) font use this custom css, courtesy of Hannes.

.quote {

font-family: monospace;


Incidentally, if anyone actually proficient at this stuff can give this guide GitHub - P1xt/p1xt-guides: Programming curricula a quick check, it’d be appreciated. I’d hate to be wasting my time on it, though it seems to be fairly comprehensive to my naive eyes.