Hyper key not registering correctly

I use a hyperkey I set up through https://karabiner-elements.pqrs.org/

for those not familiar it basically creates another modifier key. Pressing it triggers option+command+shift+control all at once

I use the hyperkey without any issues on basically all other apps

however when I try to register it in remnote, it seems to pick up the option character that is generated when you press say “option+r” which ends up in the binding not working


also the update keyboard icon is grayed out for the two system wide short cuts but I’m able to change it so I’m a little confused on if they should be modifiable at all in the first place.

I remember this being an issue prior to 1.4 (I haven’t used remnote in a while despite being pro user because I was waiting for the overhaul)

also it would be nice if there was a button to reset the shortcuts to default because I have no idea what the default was and I don’t think I can find it unless I completely uninstall remnote and install again. Deleting my database didn’t delete keybindings I guess.