I can sync my offline local only KB

Working offline with Resilio sync allows me to sync my knowledge base between my desktop and laptop.

Situation: I have a KB completely offline on my MacStudio and use the desktop app. I can choose where I save the KB in my directory. I also have a Macbook Pro. I keep both in sync via Resilio Sync: File Sync Software - Sync Home | Resilio Sync The syncing happens peer-to-peer, so there is no server involved. After opening the desktop app on my laptop, I choose the folder where the KB from my MacStudio syncs. And to my delight, it opened the KB perfectly by choosing it as my location for the local KB. During the day when I work on my MacStudio and make changes to the KB, it syncs to my laptop in real time even though the laptop has the lid closed. This is an apple laptop specific feature. I can pick up my laptop any time and trust that my KB is synced. Since the syncing I have defined is bio-directional, a change on my laptop shows up on my desktop!

The bottom line: Working offline with Remnote KB means I can sync across my devices!


would you say this would work with any other syncing system?

I would expect so. You could try chronosync on the Mac. Sometimes sync software add files which may confuse Remnote. I am not sure. The best thing is to run tests.